Risk management

Track and manage your risks with FractalScan Surface's built-in Kanban board

Organise your work

When managing a team, the key to success is being organised and having clear direction. If you’ve got a large online estate with lots of risks, organising your team effectively around the highest priority work will help you to drive the outcomes you are looking for.

FractalScan Surface helps you to prioritise and allocate work, making it easy to ensure your team members are all pulling in the same direction.

With a built-in Kanban board and detailed remediations, FractalScan Surface gives you the tools you need to set your team on the right path.

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Manage your risks

Every issue that you find during a scan can have multiple attributes applied to it, to help you track its progress:


Choose between Unplanned, Priority, In Progress or Done. Always know the current state of every risk found within your scan & quickly see your progress.


Assign the risk to a member of your team, give everyone full visibility over what’s in their remit and on their to-do list.

Due Date

Set expectations with your team by setting a due date for the risk to be fixed by.


Sometimes you may have risks show up in your scan, that although an issue, they don’t pose a direct risk to your business. In this case you can choose to ignore a risk, removing it from your results.


Add notes if you want to add additional details of things to look into, or leave your team a reminder.


The built-in remediation advice links to useful information and details the actions that can be taken to mitigate it.

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Prioritise remediation

Alongside the risk list page there is a built-in Kanban board; perfect for those teams that like to visualise their work, where you can change the workflow state with a simple drag & drop.

This gives you a full view of the remediation status of your risks at a glance, to ensure the highest severity risks are prioritised first.

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