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Product Details

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Add seed:
Input your domains or IP addresses
View your results:
Intuitive visualisations and information
Understand issues:
Clear presentation of vulnerabilities
Address issues:
Plan and prioritise remediations
Continuously track infrastructure changes and new vulnerabilitiies

Perform due-diligence on any business

FractalScan by default performs non-aggressive, non-intrusive, passive scanning, making it suitable for performing assessments of analysis on 3rd parties and suppliers without prior approval. This principle has been designed in from the ground up, ensuring FractalScan's passive mode is compliant to the UK Computer Misuse Act (CMA).
The FractalScan dashboard
The FractalScan Kanban board

Kanban board for issue workflow management

Manage and track the state of an issue, assign to your team and set deadlines, all using the built-in Kanban board.
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Understand where issues stem from in your infrastructure

Identify the root cause by visualising how multiple issues often link back to a single problem area. FractalScan clearly displays where issues stem from and where they are repeated across your infrastructure.
The FractalScan provenance view
op issues with description and remediation advice

Remediation advice is built-in, and expert cyber assistance is available

Finding potential issues is only the first step - FractalScan goes beyond this, providing clear remediation steps for common issues. Our team of cyber security professionals are also on hand to provide expert support.
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