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Built by experts for security professionals

As well as easy-to-understand summaries, FractalScan Surface has been designed to allow security analysts an unprecedented level of access to the underlying data, and the ability to control how it is included in your results.
Starting from either domain names or IP addresses, FractalScan deep-scans the Internet to discover your online infrastructure and assets. It checks them for a range of issues such as misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities and exposed data.
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Shows issues for assets you control, not other peoples

Other tools can show false positive issues from shared IP addresses and CDNs. FractalScan Surface identifies these using carefully crafted algorithms and keeps them separated from the core results.

Direct access to the underlying graph data

The full results of your scan are available to analyse and can be explored and visualised in an advanced graph view.

Algorithms drive your results

Complex algorithms ensure results are as accurate as possible. Information is carefully correlated between different datatypes to check the validity of the information presented. The goal is to create an attack surface management platform that has the best in class performance for removal of false positives and high accuracy and relevance of results.