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What is attack surface management?

Attack surface management gives you a hacker’s perspective of your business’ online infrastructure, and where you are most exposed to cyber attacks.

It helps you identify and catalogue all your digital assets, and then evaluate them for security weaknesses such as misconfigurations, missing security patches, and exposed data.

This information can then be used to prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities, as well as to improve your overall security posture.


How an attack surface scan could help your business

Proactively manage your cyber risks

A surface scan will show you where vulnerabilities lie in your attack surface, and the risks associated with them. Discover vulnerabilities before they cause costly business disruptions.

Monitor your supply chain risks

Your suppliers’ risks are your risks. Identify weaknesses in your supply chain by running a surface scan on new and existing suppliers or vendors.

Add due diligence checks for procurement partners

Understand how seriously potential partners are taking their cyber security and the risk they could be bringing to your business.

Manage your clients’ cyber risks (MSPs)

Become the trusted cyber security adviser for your customers. We empower MSPs with the tools needed to provide attack surface scans and instantly increase their cyber security services.


How can FractalScan Surface help you?

Take control of the cyber security risks that are threatening your business with the power of attack surface management:

Proactive risk identification

FractalScan Surface re-scans your attack surface every day. This ensures you are always aware of the latest risks threatening your business as they are identified.

Keep on top of your ever-changing assets

Modern business infrastructure is sprawling and complicated. FractalScan Surface’s powerful enumeration helps you to identify and classify all your online assets, including those you weren’t aware of.

Know how to address your risks

FractalScan Surface groups all associated risks together into “Actions” so you can start working on fixes straight away, streamlining the remediation process and dramatically decreasing the time to resolution.

Plans to suit all sizes of business

We have plans available to suit businesses of all sizes and complexity levels. From small businesses to large Enterprise organisations, FractalScan scales with your business needs.

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Why choose FractalScan Surface

Get started in a couple of minutes

You can create an account to get immediate access and start exploring your attack surface. Upgrade at any time to unlock more features and dig deeper into your results.

Simple, transparent pricing

We have plans designed for businesses of all sizes; we believe attack surface management should be accessible for everyone, regardless of budget. View our Pricing Page.

UK ex-government engineers

FractalScan Surface was designed and developed by the Red Maple Technologies team in Cheltenham. Made up of ex-government and defence cyber security engineers with decades of experience.

Detailed accurate data

Proprietary algorithms ensure the data captured by FractalScan Surface is as accurate as possible, meaning an attack surface scanner with minimal false positives.

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FractalScan F1 Racing Team Case Study


F1 Racing Team

Read how a Formula1 team was able to get their attack surface and asset management under control using FractalScan Surface attack surface management.

Ever changing environments

Global brands have a constantly evolving digital footprint. FractalScan was able to identify the assets both known and unknown, providing a deeper understanding of the threats posed to the business.

High performance technology

Teams on the cutting edge of technology require solutions that keep pace. With our in-house engineering team constantly evolving our products, FractalScan Surface is able to keep pace with even the most demanding infrastructures.

Read the case study


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Frequently asked questions

What is attack surface management?

Attack surface management is a continual process of identifying, cataloguing, evaluating, and remediating the cyber security of an organisation’s externally facing digital assets.

How does FractalScan Surface work?

Using passive scanning technologies (making it legal to scan anyone without permission) FractalScan uses an IP address or URL to identify your online assets, discover the associated risks, and provides a host of remediation tools and details to fix these issues.

What does a free FractalScan Surface account allow me to do?

With a free account you can scan and monitor 1 domain, with scans refreshed once a week. You can also pull “Summary Reports” and get notified via email when new risks are identified in your attack surface.

What makes FractalScan different?

Being designed and built in-house in Cheltenham, UK, enables us to constantly update and improve our attack surface scanner’s capability. This constant evolution combined with market leading pricing, decades of cyber security experience, and cutting-edge technology gives us a solution that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Can I create reports or export data?

Yes, all plans give you the option to export Summary Reports to PDF, giving you a high-level overview of the condition of your attack surface. Premium plans and above also support a detailed Risks and Actions report spreadsheet allowing you to easily share details with other teams or organisations. MSP and Enterprise plans can also export curated data from the app as a CSV file, further expanding the integration possibilities.

Do you have an API?

Yes, the API is available to Premium, Enterprise and MSP customers and includes both discovery data and data for your Risks and Actions. The full details of the API capabilities can be found in this documentation. We’re constantly improving the features and functionality of the API, as we look to further increase our integration capability.

How much does FractalScan Surface cost?

Our paid subscription starts at just £99/month* for the Essential tier, you can find the full details of pricing plans and what’s included on the Pricing Page. *based on an annual contract.

I’ve already got lots of security tools – why do I need FractalScan Surface as well?

Cyber security is a vast and complex concept and managing your risks from various different angles is key to ensuring a holistic approach. FractalScan Surface gives you an outside-in view of your organisation which allows you to get a broad view of your organisation’s security perimeter. Many other tools focus on other areas of security (e.g. security inside your network, targeted, deep penetration testing) and an attack surface management tool like FractalScan is another vital piece of that cyber security puzzle. Read more about how the different security tools work together in our blog.

How does FractalScan Surface enhance my cyber security strategy?

By understanding exactly where you are at risk you can take proactive steps to improve and defend those areas before they are exploited. Without a clear understanding of your digital infrastructure, it is impossible to ascertain where your biggest threats or exposures lie.

What documentation and support is available?

We have a regularly updated FAQ and documentation site that contains a variety of documents to help you get started with FractalScan Surface. Within the app there are also in-built tips to make navigating around even easier. If you need more assistance we have a support team on hand, or for more complex issues we can provide cyber security services through Red Maple Technologies.

What risks am I facing without an attack surface management tool?

Without a clear understanding of what your attack surface or digital infrastructure looks like, it is impossible to defend. Scanning attacks look for weaknesses in your attack surface. Combine this with out-of-date or exposed assets and services and you could be blindsided by an attack. Recovering from an attack is far more expensive, both in terms of money and reputational damage, than preventing one.

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