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Manage Your Own Attack Surface

Check your company's online attack surface and keeping scanning it for new vulnerabilities.
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Your attack surface is everything you have on the internet

It is the first place potential hackers would look for a way into your network.

As companies rely more and more on operating online, it's harder to stay on top of it:

  • What have I actually got on the public facing internet?
  • Are all my certificates up to date?
  • Am I using secure versions of third-party components?
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Continuous monitoring

FractalScan Surface discovers & monitors your online assets and provides remediation assistance for any vulnerabilities identified.

Email alerts give you peace of mind that every day newly discovered vulnerabilities are being checked for and flagged for remediation straight away.

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Kanban board

FractalScan Surface groups your risks into Actions, to help you effectively manage your risks through to resolution.

Using the built-in Kanban board you can track your progress and see actions automatically move to “resolved” when they are no longer detected in your scan.

It will also highlight if any of your risks have known exploits, potentially making them more attractive to hackers, to help inform your prioritisation.

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Provenance view

The Provenance view allows you to trace the risk back through your network of online assets to understand the root cause.

FractalScan Surface gives you access to the raw data, giving you all the information you need to reduce your attack surface and resolve risks.


The Summary Report allows you to share a high level view of progress with your senior stakeholders, and highlight key areas that need investment.

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Need some help with your results?

We have an in house Professional Services team on hand who can help you interpret your results and put a customised action plan in place to help improve your security position.

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