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Due Diligence

Check a company's security posture up front with a one-time scan of their attack surface
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Know the facts

It can be a difficult and daunting decision when selecting a new vendor to work with as there are a lot of factors to take into account to ensure you're choosing the right partner.

One aspect you should be considering is how seriously does the company take their security and will they open your business up to any additional risk?

If you are integrating with them or are sharing data with them in any way, their risk is your risk.

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Data driven decisions

FractalScan Surface will support your decision making process by allowing you to discover a potential vendor's attack surface and review it for vulnerabilities.

It will give you a good indication of how seriously they take their cyber security and whether they could potentially be exposing you to their risks.

Faster onboarding

Traditionally, assessing new vendors relies on them completing questionnaires which can be time consuming and inaccurate.

FractalScan Surface gives results within a few minutes and can help to give you an early view of whether a vendor is worth pursuing or not. It also allows you to complete due diligence and onboarding processes much faster.

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Compare your options

The health score and risk stats calculated by FractalScan Surface allow you to at a glance compare different vendors you are considering.

As FractalScan Surface uses completely passive scanning techniques, it is compliant with the Computer Misuse Act, meaning you don't need a company's permission to scan them.

This allows you to scan companies before you've even engaged with them.

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Evidence your decisions

FractalScan Surface's built-in reporting function allows you to get a summary of your findings as a PDF that you can share with your procurement team to evidence your decision making.

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