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Executive level reporting

Overseeing the IT Security of any organisation is a challenge, even more so if you have to report directly into the board.

The complexity of many cyber security tasks makes explaining the critical work your team has undertaken difficult, especially if you have a less technical senior management team.

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Summarise your findings

FractalScan Surface's built in reporting function eliminates this complexity, and instead makes it clear and simple to show the work your team has undertaken.

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Share your insights

FractalScan Surface allows you to export a summary of any scan as a PDF, with the data from the scan condensed into key headlines.

It highlights your key problem areas, and trends in your cyber security health and risks over time.

The easy-to-understand nature of the report means even non-technical colleagues can understand what has been achieved and the direction your security health is heading in.

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Results straight in your inbox

To make it even more convenient for those that manage a number of scans, FractalScan Surface will send you a notification via email when your report is ready to download.

Ideal for those that don't want to wait around in the app or want to have it ready for the next day.


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