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Third-Party Supply Chain Risks

Measure the risks of your vendors and third-party supply chain
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How secure are your vendors?

When you work with third-parties, you are putting your trust in them to keep your business safe too.

If your systems are integrated, or if you're sharing data with them in any way, if their infrastructure is breached there is a risk to you too.

In fact, in 2022, 19% of data breaches were caused by a supply chain compromise.

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Check your third-party risks

FractalScan Surface allows you to monitor your third-party vendors' attack surfaces for vulnerabilities.

Email notifications mean you can be aware of any new risks they become impacted by over time, so you can ask them to investigate.

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Track your suppliers' risks

See how your vendors' cyber security risks are trending over time.

FractalScan Surface gives you a view of how a third-party's health and risks are changing, giving you an early indication if they are not staying on top of their cyber security.

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Share your findings

FractalScan Surface's built-in reporting function allows you to share a summary of the findings with your vendors.

The report highlights their key areas of risk, as well as the trends in their cyber security health and risks.


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