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Discover your attack surface
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Discover your attack surface

Do you know the size of your attack surface, and everything that is present on it?

Your attack surface is the outward facing part of your network and is the first point of entry for any would be hackers.

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Identify your weaknesses

Imagine each connection on your attack surface as a door, hackers will use software to digitally test all your doors, until they identify the one with a broken lock or that is wide open.

Once they have identified this weak link, they can direct the next wave of their attack at this compromised location.

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Uncover the unknown

FractalScan Surface can help you secure these connections and give you full visibility of all the assets & services you have online, alongside the risks they could pose to your organisation.

Starting with just an IP address or domain, using powerful enumeration tools FractalScan Surface can identify everything connected to your external network.

As new assets are discovered over time, FractalScan Surface will notify you so you can check they are protected.

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By identifying the scale of your attack surface, you can find out exactly where the problems within your infrastructure lie, and get to work on remediating these issues.

Don't wait for an attacker to take advantage of your weaknesses, get one step ahead and start understanding your attack surface today.

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