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Every single day, new vulnerabilities are being discovered by researchers throughout the world.

Most of the time these are immediately reported to the relevant parties so patches can be worked on and distributed to prevent widespread abuse of these exploits.

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Many of the attacks occurring today aren't exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities but known vulnerabilities where the relevant patches haven't been applied.

As your infrastructure continues to grow, new services, components, servers etc. will all be added. As this number grows exponentially, how can you be sure everything is running the most up to date, secure versions of components?

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With FractalScan Surface's built-in vulnerability scanning you are able to identify all the areas of your infrastructure with known vulnerabilities. They are scored by severity to help you understand which risks have the biggest potential to cause harm.

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FractalScan Surface's scoring system allows you to prioritise the areas posing the greatest risk to your cyber security.

Allocate your resources more efficiently and secure your organisation from the biggest risks.

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