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When you are trying to sell your product or services into a business, it can often feel like you're going into that first meeting with a new lead a little blind.

You have no visibility of the lead's security position or current cloud usage and have to rely on that first meeting as a bit of a fact finding session.

Scan any business

FractalScan Surface's passive scanning techniques, mean you can scan your leads before meeting with them the first time, without their permission. This allows you to have a more informed conversation with data to back you up and help tell the story.

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Get visibility

If you are a managed service provider (MSP) you are likely offering various IT services to your customers.

Having visibility of a lead's attack surface going into a sales meeting can help you to look well informed and prepared for the meeting and help you to sell security services as part of your offering.

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See existing providers

If you offer cloud hosting or consultancy services, you can use FractalScan Surface to see who a lead's current hosting provider is, allowing you to tailor your sales conversation.

For example, you can use the information to help cost your service or calculate a cost saving for the lead.

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Summary reporting

FractalScan Surface's Summary Report can be given to your leads as a high level, visual overview of their attack surface and security risks.

A personalised hand out at the end of that first meeting can help you to be memorable to your leads and help you to win new business.

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