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Are you a Managed Service Provider (MSP) looking for a solution to manage the security of your clients' businesses? Look no further than FractalScan Surface.

Enhance your cyber security services and grow your business with our Attack Surface Management solution for MSPs.

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"FractalScan Surface has equipped our team with vital knowledge of our customers' online assets. We're now better positioned to proactively investigate and resolve their issues and provide them with tailored cyber security services.

Clients using the platform have also commented on its ease of use and superiority over other systems."

Tom Henson
Managing Director of Emerge Digital
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"We've been able to deploy FractalScan instantly to our clients, giving us a deeper insight into their attack surface and the risks they face. We're now responding to issues faster and providing our customers with an enhanced cyber security service."

Simon Hearne
Head of Cyber Security at Bamboo Technology

Why Partner with FractalScan Surface?

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Generate more revenue

Cyber security is a growing focus across the UK, and businesses are starting to look to their MSP for guidance. Adding FractalScan Surface as an offering can allow you to demonstrate your commitment to cyber security, helping you to win new business and generate more revenue.

A simple, transparent and competitive pricing model means you have complete visibility and control over your margins.

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Improve client retention

FractalScan Surface monitors your clients' attack surfaces daily for new vulnerabilities. The reassurance of this monitoring gives your clients that ongoing peace of mind that their online perimeter is being looked after.

FractalScan Surface provides accurate and reliable results, with clear actionable remediation advice that you or your clients can action. You can download reports to send to your clients to visually chart their progress, and highlight their key cyber security priorities.

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Stand out from your competitors

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of cyber security, MSPs face stiff competition from other providers in the industry. We recognise this challenge and FractalScan Surface aims to empower MSPs with a comprehensive solution that can help you stand out from the crowd.

FractalScan Surface provides clear, visual summaries of results, which are easy to understand for your non-technical clients. For your more tech-savvy clients, you can dig down into the details of their scan and provide more detailed reporting. There is a level of information to suit all audiences.

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Easy to use, fast and powerful

All of the scan results are presented in a clear and friendly way, allowing you to choose the level of detail you dig into. FractalScan Surface requires no installation, so you can onboard new customers in a couple of minutes.

Notifications will alert you to key changes to your customers' scans, allowing you to act quickly and work with your customers to resolve emerging risks before they can be exploited.

The simplicity of FractalScan Surface means time-consuming training is not required. However, if you do need any support, as a FractalScan Surface partner you will have access to the cyber security experts who built the tool to provide assistance.

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