New Features and Improvements - August 2023

Nicola Chapman
4 September 2023
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Nicola Chapman
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August has been another busy month for the FractalScan Surface team, with yet more improvements to our software component detection, and a new Domains export function added.

Improved component detection on websites

FractalScan can reveal the technology stack of any website including frameworks and JavaScript libraries. We have made improvements to FractalScan’s technology profiler which performs this task. The technology profiler now searches for over a thousand technologies. With increasingly thorough component detection, FractalScan is able to identify a broader range of risks for vulnerable software components that are present on websites.

Domains export

In order to make it easier to share FractalScan Surface’s data with other systems, an export has been added to the Domains page. You can filter your domains list in app, and then export the filtered view in CSV format.

Domains export function

A FractalScan Surface Enterprise, MSP or Ad Hoc Subscription plan is required to access the Domains export.

Visibility of features outside your plan

FractalScan Surface offers a whole range of plans to customers, meaning there’s something suitable for businesses of all sizes. As your business grows, you will want to consider whether there’s a more suitable plan available.

We now give you visibility of the features that aren’t included in your current plan, so you can make an informed choice about when’s the right time for you to upgrade.

Teasing functionality

If you’d like to discuss your upgrade options in more detail, please contact your account manager or email

Coming soon

  • Giving you the ability to set the frequency at which each scan runs.

  • More discovery data will be available via the public API.

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Nicola is the Product Manager for FractalScan Surface, working closely with the Red Maple Technologies engineers to represent our customers' and users' needs. She has over 10 years product management experience building products to help solve real world problems for businesses.
Nicola Chapman


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