New Features and Improvements - February 2023

Geoff Norton
28 February 2023
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Geoff Norton
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February has been another month of adding great new features and updating existing functionality. Read on to find out more.

A big new feature: “Actions” - which group risks into actionable tasks

Scans will now create “Actions”. Actions group together risks into actionable items that you can track. For example, FractalScan Surface may detect lots of Content Security Policy (CSP) risks associated with a particular website and will create a single Action to group these together.

Another example might be multiple vulnerabilities related to a specific version of software running on a website - again, these are now much more easily tracked under one Action.

Actions can be prioritised, assigned to people and their progress monitored on the built-in Kanban board.

Even better, when you complete an action, FractalScan Surface automatically detects this on the next scan and moves it to the Resolved column.

Actions component page

An Action also has an in-depth description to further aid your understanding of what the overall problem is, and the built-in remediation advice provides further guidance to help you fix issues faster.

Description and remediation advice

Actions group together risks into more manageable units of work which facilitates the remediation of a company’s risks, making sure your company can update their online presence as quick and as easily as possible – making your company’s online presence more secure.

New branding and risk colours

You may have noticed that the FractalScan Surface website has been updated with new branding. Yes, it’s all gone ‘blue’! The FractalScan Surface application has also been updated to match.

Along with the branding, the selection of risk colours has been updated to aid familiarity and recognition of severity.

FractalScan Surface overview page, risks

Improvements to ‘deleted scans’

When you delete a scan it moves to the Deleted scans page, from where it can be recovered if needed for up to 30 days. After this period the scan will be permanently deleted.

During this 30 day period, a deleted scan will still count towards your scan allowance. However, we also recognise that sometimes you might want to start again when creating a new scan, and not have this impact your limits. Now if you delete a scan that has never been run, it will be permanently deleted straight away and so not count towards your scan limits.

Finally, the button for the ‘deleted scans’ page wasn’t very clear so we’ve updated it, and made it more prominent.

Delete scans panel

Deleted scans are recoverable for 30 days, after this they will be permanently deleted.

Coming soon

  • FractalScan Surface will soon highlight CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities.
  • Change notifications, so you can get an e-mail notification when your scan results have changed.
  • A FractalScan Surface public API that will enable automation of tasks and integration with your own tools and environments.
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