New Features and Improvements - February 2024

Nicola Chapman
29 February 2024
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Nicola Chapman
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With lots of new features underway to be delivered in the coming weeks, February’s releases have seen a big focus on our data quality, and the speed and resilience of the system.

Improvements to performance

We have focused on two areas of performance - the time it takes for scans to run, and the time it takes for scans to load in the app. The main benefit you will see here is your larger scans will now open up much more quickly in the app, so you will be able to start exploring your results much faster.

Clearer scan queueing

When FractalScan has a lot of scans going through the system at busy times, previously it could look like your scan was stuck in the early stages of processing. Now, you may see your scan in a “queued” state where it’s waiting to be picked up for processing. This helps you to better understand the position of your scan.

Queued Scan Screenshot

Note, as long as you have your notifications enabled, you will get an email when your scan has finished so you can come back a little later when it has completed.

Scan Complete Screenshot

More accurate CVE reporting

FractalScan uses the NIST National Vulnerability Database to determine if there are any vulnerabilities associated with the versions of software in use by a company’s websites.

We have now switched over from using NIST’s data feed for CVE data, to using their API. This has given us an improved mechanism for matching CVEs against software versions, meaning you will get a more accurate picture of the risks you are exposed to. The matching mechanism between detected software and vulnerabilities also includes FractalScan’s detection of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEVs), giving you a more accurate picture of any KEVs you are exposed to too. A KEV is a vulnerability that is known to have been exploited by cyber criminals as determined by CISA.

Coming soon

  • Allowing roles and groups to be set on invites for new users.

  • More data in the results for IP seeds.

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Nicola Chapman


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