New Features and Improvements - July 2023

Nicola Chapman
1 August 2023
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Nicola Chapman
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We’ve had another busy month at FractalScan Surface HQ improving our data and user experience.

Additional data & filtering on the Domains page

The Domains page is a really useful way for people to see what domains they actually have publicly visible on their attack surface. We’ve added some extra data to this view to make it even easier to manage. This includes:

  • DNS destination - the IP addresses or domains listed in the DNS record for the domain.

  • Cloud region - the cloud provider and region where the domain is hosted.

The Domains page can also be filtered on this new data.

List of domains found my FractalScan

Improved subdomain discovery

We have improved how we are querying the data from one of our third-party providers, meaning we are now finding even more subdomains for the seeds provided.

Clearer roles and permissions

To make it easier to manage the roles users have in the organisation and for each scan group, we have added some additional guidance. This will make it easier for you to ensure everyone has the level of access they need.

You can access this guidance by clicking “About Roles” when editing a user or user’s groups.

UI showing Organisation Role in FractalScan

Only organisation owners and admins can manage users’ organisation roles. Owners, admins and managers can manage scan group roles.

For additional guidance around managing users and roles, visit the FractalScan Surface Documentation site.

Coming soon

  • Improved detection of services and third-party components.

  • Visibility of features not included in your plan.

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Nicola is the Product Manager for FractalScan Surface, working closely with the Red Maple Technologies engineers to represent our customers' and users' needs. She has over 10 years product management experience building products to help solve real world problems for businesses.
Nicola Chapman


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