New Features and Improvements - March 2024

Nicola Chapman
28 March 2024
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Nicola Chapman
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March has seen lots of usability improvements go into FractalScan, making it easier for you to navigate around and drill down into the information you want to focus on.

Better guidance when creating new scans

Your FractalScan plan determines the scope of the scanning you can do, including:

  • The number of scans you can create.

  • The number of discovered IPs and domains there are in your scans.

We have improved the guidance when creating scans so you can understand the impact the new scan will have on your limits.

Create new scans screenshot

When creating your scan, we’ve also improved the guidance around adding seeds to help guide you to the best set-up and coverage for you. This includes some guidance around IPs you may want to consider adding as seeds, and guidance around keeping seeds together on one scan.

Add seeds screenshot

It also references the fact you can amend your scan seeds later, which can be done on the Scan Seeds widget on the scan overview page.

Scan scope widget

Better guidance for IP range seeds

IP ranges can contain a large number of IP addresses. As FractalScan’s plans are limited based on the number of domains and IPs discovered in the scans, adding a large IP range could easily make you use up this limit quite quickly.

To help you avoid this scenario, the size of the combined IP ranges you can add as seeds for a scan are now restricted based on the domain and IP allowance you have in place on your plan.

When creating a new scan with an IP range seed you will see guidance around how many more IPs you can add as part of IP range seeds.

IP range seed guidance

If you would like to discuss having IP range seeds enabled on your plan, please contact

Additions to the FractalScan Knowledge Base

We’re continuously adding to the FractalScan Knowledge Base to help make sure you have the information you need to get the most out of you licence. The previous sections of this blog show you the in app improvements we’ve made to help you better understand seeds and domain and IP limits, but to better help you understand these complex topics, we also have the following knowledge base articles.

Guidance on seeds.This includes details of what seeds are, what seed limitations your plan may have and some guidance on best practices for identifying and allocating seeds across scans.

Guidance on domain and IP limiting. This includes information on how limiting works and where you can keep track of your usage.

Easier filtering and navigation of Risks

To make it easier to drill into the detail behind the scan overview widgets, all risk counts are now clickable. When you click a risk count it will take you to the Risks page, filtered on the specific risks of the severity you have clicked and relating the the asset you’ve clicked against.

Clickable risks widget

When on the Risks page, you can now multi-select risk severities to allow you to better customise your views to focus on what’s important to you.

Multi select risk severities

This same filtering has also now been applied to the Actions page so you can filter actions based on the severity of risks they will resolve.

Actions are available on Premium plans and above.

Actions filters

Coming soon

  • Allowing roles and groups to be set on invites for new users.

  • Additional support for large IP ranges as seeds.

  • More data in the results for IP seeds.

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