New Features and Improvements - May 2024

Nicola Chapman
31 May 2024
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Nicola Chapman
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May has seen some more great additions to FractalScan with better visibility of your rescan allowances, better management of scan group memberships and weekly confirmation emails for Free accounts.

Better visibility of rescan allowances

The rescan functionality in FractalScan is now more prominent and it’s easier to see your allowances. Rescans are particularly useful for ad hoc scans, for example, if you are using them for prospecting as part of a pre-sales process that can run for a few months, refreshing the scan results by rescanning can help to keep conversations up to date and relevant. However FractalScan does support separate rescan allowances across all three scan types.

The button to trigger a rescan is now more prominent in the scan Overview page.

Rescan button improvements

When you go to start a rescan, your remaining allowance is presented to you so you can validate whether you want to do a rescan for the particular scan.

Rescan allowance pop up

You can visit the Usage page for your organisation at any time to review your rescan allowances and see when your allowance will be refilled. Note, the Owner or Admin role is required to view the Usage page.

Rescan Usage page details

Some organisations may have rescan credits instead of or in addition to a rescan allowance. These are credits that are purchased on a one off basis and are not automatically topped up regularly. These are referred to as “bonus credits” in the app.

If your organisation has a rescan allowance and bonus credits, the rescan allowance will always be used up before any bonus credits are used.

Rescan allowance details

Not all plans include a rescan allowance - please contact us to discuss adding or increasing a rescan allowance.

Weekly scan confirmation notifications for Free accounts

FractalScan Free accounts scan your domain once a week. While you may not have new risks to address each week, FractalScan will give you confirmation a new scan has run and a reminder of the areas you have that still need attention.

Free Account email confirmation

These notifications can be managed alongside your other notifications in your user settings.

Scan Notification settings

Better management of which users can access scan groups

When creating a new scan group, you can now add new users inline at the time of creation, rather than having to do this as a separate second step. Note, users must have the Owner, Admin or Manager role to create new groups.

New scan group, adding users

When you go to the settings of an existing group, you can now see who all of the existing members of that group are, and details of the role they have in that group. You can also add more existing users to the group, and start the invite process for brand new users.

Edit scan group

Coming soon

  • Visibility of which users in your organisation have enabled multi-factor authentication.
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