New Features and Improvements - November 2023

Nicola Chapman
6 December 2023
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Nicola Chapman
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As we head towards the end of 2023, the FractalScan Surface development team have been very busy continuing to add new features and improvements.

Improved mobile user experience

The power of FractalScan is in the vast quantity of data that it finds and displays about your attack surface, so in most scenarios using a big screen is going to help you get the most out of it. However there are some scenarios where using FractalScan on the go is valuable, for example when you’re meeting with customers you may wish to consult their scan overview or kick off a new scan.

The mobile user experience has now been optimised for these on-the-go tasks so you can easily create and check on scans at any time.

FractalScan mobile experience

More new endpoints on our public API

We are committed to continuously improving our public API, and in November we have added more new endpoints to help you access your scan data.


If you have rescans included in your FractalScan plan, you can now kick off a rescan via the API, simply using the scan ID.

Rescan API screen

Web Presence screenshots

In addition to the existing endpoint to get the Web Presence details from the API, you can now also retrieve the associated image that you can see in the app.

Web presesence screenshot API screen


There are two endpoints in place for retrieving information about the services found by a scan. A service in FractalScan is a domain/IP and port pair, e.g.

First is an endpoint to get a count of services for a given scan.

Service count API screen

The second is an endpoint to get details of all the services for a specific scan.

Service details API screen


In a similar format to services, there are two new endpoints for components. Components are libraries and technologies identified within a scan and include web technologies found on websites.

First is an endpoint to get a count of components for a given scan.

Component count API screen

The second is an endpoint to get details of all the components for a specific scan.

Component details API screen

Better UX when exploring the graph

The graph view in FractalScan Surface allows you to explore the low-level detail of how all your assets are connected. We have improved the user experience when using the graph - the nodes will now stick in the position you arrange them into so you can hone in on the detail that’s important to you.

Improved Graph view UX

Coming soon

  • Free FractalScan accounts to try out some of the key features before you buy.
  • Self-service upgrading of your FractalScan plan within the app.
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