New Features and Improvements - October 2022

Oliver Sanders
1 November 2022
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Oliver Sanders
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Unlocking the power of FractalScan Surface for many!

We have been working hard over the past month making FractalScan Surface, our attack surface management product, even better with lots of features and improvements throughout the app.

In particular, we have focused on making FractalScan Surface even more useful for those who make and manage many different scans. This includes a wide variety of users who have a need to understand the cyber risks and attack surface across their own online assets, third-party vendors, potential customers, or portfolio of businesses.

We believe FractalScan Surface is the ideal passive discovery solution for a wide variety of businesses, of all sizes.

Today we are introducing four key new features:

  • Top-level scan summaries
  • Scan reports
  • Email notifications
  • Page titles

Scan summaries

FractalScan Surface Scan Summaries

Scan summaries puts health and risks front and centre, and allows you to see at a glance which scans require attention, and how they compare with others.

From here you can click into the detail of a scan’s health and risks filtered by severity.

Behind the scenes, we are now automatically deriving insights from the complex graph of data discovered during a scan. This enables many scans to be compared and sorted with ease. You can expect to see more headline insights and trends to appear at this level in the future.

Scan reports

Generate report section on FractalScan dashboard

With scan reports, you can now generate easy-to-digest reports about your scans. These present a nicely formatted PDF summary of findings that can be downloaded from the app and given to others to understand.

You can also add your own executive summary to help highlight key insights for the recipient - a feature useful for conveying the online assets and cyber risks to customers, vendors, and executives outside of FractalScan Surface.

Discovery stats dashboard on FractalScan

In this initial release, and by popular demand, we are making the Summary Report template available. This lays the groundwork for more detailed report templates of risks and assets to be added in the future.

Email notifications

FractalScan Surface will now email you when a scan completes for the first time, and when reports are ready to download.

A feature particularly useful for users who use FractalScan Surface to add scans in bulk alongside other workflows. You can safely leave the app and be prompted when the scans are ready.

Page titles

FractalScan Surface Page Titles

Alongside lots of other refinements to FractalScan Surface’s UI, we have improved page titles throughout the app to better represent context. Now you can juggle multiple tabs of scans with ease, and see at a glance which ones are in progress.

Coming soon

There’s plenty more to come on our roadmap and will be available soon, including:

  • A new scoring algorithm for health, that improves the granularity of scoring and weighting of risks, so you can see the improvements your risk remediations are making.

  • Improvements to the backend discovery architecture, to increase the speed of scans and collect more data sources.

  • Challenge discovered risks with your own insight and adjust how they sit within severity and scoring.

  • More flexibility around notifications, allowing users to configure what they receive, and get notified when new things are discovered by their continuous scans.

See the power of FractalScan Surface and these new features today by creating a free account.

(All screenshots show representative demo data only)

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