How Secure Is Your Supply Chain?

Luke Gardner
1 September 2022
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Luke Gardner
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A ransomware attack on an NHS supplier has shown once again the damage an insecure supply chain can cause to organisations of any size.

On August 4th, 2022, service provider Advanced identified a ransomware attack against its infrastructure, taking offline vital services for the NHS including medical notes, patient check-ins and the NHS 111 services across a variety of regions.

Nearly 4 weeks on, NHS services are still having to use pen and paper to track vital patient information with this data then manually entered into the system. This extremely inefficient method is causing massive choke points in NHS services, with staff reporting it could take 6 months to manually enter the data.

This week it was reported that some NHS 111 services were beginning to come back online, but the attacks lasting effects should serve as a stark reminder of the impact your suppliers security can have on your business.

As more business and systems become interconnected the cyber security of your business is no longer limited to just your own infrastructure. Suppliers and third-parties are becoming business critical infrastructure to a lot of organisations so understanding their security posture is vital.

Failing to recognise weaknesses in a supplier’s infrastructure could lead to not only financial harm but also reputational damage that can be irreversible. We have developed FractalScan Surface to make third-party assessments quick, easy and affordable.

David Griffiths, CTO, Red Maple Technologies

This is where an Attack Surface Management platform like FractalScan Surface can provide valuable insight alerting you to any weaknesses or vulnerabilities present in your third-parties infrastructure.

A simple scan of a potential or existing third-parties’ infrastructure using a top-level domain will reveal a wealth of valuable information categorised by severity to help you quickly identify suppliers with a robust cyber security posture.

FractalScan Surface uses passive scanning that is fully compliant with the Computer Misuse Act (CMA) allowing you to legally scan any potential third-parties or suppliers without permission and with no affect to their networks or systems. This makes it the perfect tool for analysing the cyber security of any third-parties or suppliers you choose to do business with. Take control of your online infrastructure and get one step ahead of the attackers.

Find out more about how FractalScan Surface can help secure your supply chain by booking a 15 minute demo with one of our engineers to see it in action.

Alternatively why no get your hands on FractalScan today by creating a free account..

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